What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

What is this online course about?

This 10-hour transformational experience challenges you to discover the inner fuel that will propel you forward despite the challenges in your way. Built on the foundations of our 15+ years of work with tens of thousands of leaders from all walks of life, you learn the seven principles that leaders use to unleash potential by leading with purpose through adversity . Learners develop a Vision that ties to their core values. They define a professional challenge they’re willing to tackle. They gain a new mindset for embracing adversity and turning it into a tool for growth. And, they move beyond their own personal growth to support the development of others. Taught by a unique team of inspirational leaders, this course exudes authenticity and purpose. In so doing, it empowers your teams to open up in unique ways that lead to significant growth and development.

  • Learn how to turn adversities into opportunities

  • Define and lead from your core values

  • Learn and apply the 7 elements that help you harness adversity

  • Define your purpose and use it to elevate your leadership

  • Discover how optimism, hope and gratitude matter to your success

“The No Barriers online course is different than anything else I’ve seen in the somewhat uninspiring virtual learning marketplace. It was unexpectedly powerful in pulling our teams together and aligning and engaging our organization.”

– Troy, VP of HR, Ingersoll Rand

Case Study

Our course instructors are unassailable experts on leading with purpose and persistence.

Featured Instructors:

Mandy Harvey Video

Mandy Harvey

Singer/Songwriter, America’s Got Talent Finalist

Hugh Herr Video

Hugh Herr

MIT Professor, Biomechanotrics Lab Founder

JR Martinez People

JR Martinez

Actor, author, veteran, Dancing with Stars Winner

  • Customizable: Content is authentically tied directly to your corporate initiatives
  • Team Based: Cohorts work together
  • Experiential: Missions move people offline to interact with each other
  • Gamified: Leaderboards, point tracking and badge earning
  • Inspirational: Authentic and inspirational No Barriers Ambassadors bring content to life
  • Guided: Corporate leadership guru ties learning to practical and concrete application
  • KPIs: We measure to your corporate benchmarks
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The No Barriers Life Principles

Learn to pioneer with Hugh Herr:

“I was incredibly surprised by No Barriers’ ability to bring such a transformative leadership journey to the virtual learning world. This course united my leadership team in unexpectedly powerful ways.”

Tom Lillig, Stone Ward

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