“What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.” No one believes this more than David Shurna and Tom Lillig, cofounders of No Barriers USA. In 2003, they launched this award-winning nonprofit with the mission to help people reach their fullest potential, no matter the obstacles they face. Now, in What’s Within You, they use the proven No Barriers framework to teach you step-by-step how to break through your own challenges and live a driven, purposeful life. This narrative guide will introduce you to world-famous barrier breakers like fellow cofounder Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person to summit Mt. Everest, and Mandy Harvey, the deaf jazz vocalist whose America’s Got Talent performances captured the hearts of half a billion people.

Despite the barriers—both big and small—that each of us face, we can learn how to push past them, reconnect with our purpose, and unleash the best in ourselves and others.

100% of book proceeds go directly to No Barriers. The book is included in our at-home course kit and our in-person experiences.

Praise for What’s Within You

“This is an incredibly inspiring book; stories of people who refused to give up their dreams despite the daunting obstacles in their way. Each one illustrates “the indomitable human spirit” which I always cite as one of my most profound reasons for hope for humanity’s future. And when you have read it, and been moved and uplifted, you will realize that you too have some of that indomitable spirit and that you too can overcome the barriers that loom ahead in your life.”

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE,Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

“How we respond to challenges is the biggest part of life. This book coaches us to tackle our barriers head on and reminds us that what’s within us is stronger than what’s in our way.”

Lou Holtz, College Football Hall of Fame Coach, Speaker, Author, Analyst, National Champion Head Coach at the University of Notre Dame

“We’ve been fortunate to get to know the No Barriers organization and the many strong and resilient people in the community. Through its inspirational stories and how-to-instruction, this book guides us how to harness our adversity and unleash the full potential of the human spirit.”

Bob and Lee Woodruff, Peabody and Emmy-award winning ABC News correspondent, authors, speakers, founders of the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

“For years, I’ve seen these No Barriers principles change lives – from veterans to kids to corporate leaders. If you’re ready to embrace your quest for purpose no matter what is in your way then this book is for you!”

Jamie Moldafsky, Chief Marketing Officer – Wells Fargo Bank

“No Barriers serves as a map and compass to navigate through storms and reach the Summits in our lives. It’s also a fast-growing movement, showing us the power of Roping Up with great people to shatter barriers and Elevate the world. I know this book will help you tell your own powerful story and create a No Barriers Life.”

Erik Weihenmayer, Co-founder No Barriers, Blind Adventurer, Author, Filmmaker, and Speaker

“No Barriers is an embodiment of inspiration, hope and perseverance. This book shares in depth how everyone can recognize the power they have to make a positive impact on the world, no matter who you are or what challenges you may face, and that’s what I love the most about the No Barriers message.”

Maya Penn, Oprah Supersoul 100 Entrepreneur, CEO of Maya’s Ideas

“What’s Within You is a must read for anyone wanting to lead a purposeful, integrated life. The stories are compelling and serve to highlight the timeless, practical and life changing No Barriers concepts.”

Greg Brenneman, Board Chair of Home Depot and former Chairman, CEO, President and/or COO of Quiznos Sub, Burger King, PwC Consulting and Continental Airlines. Executive Chairman of CCMP Capital.

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“The philosophy of No Barriers is interchangeable with the principles of what it means to be a TeamUSA athlete. I know the stuff in this book works because it unlocked an inferno inside me I never knew existed, and made me into a Paralympian! The single greatest regret I have in life, is that I didn’t find the No Barriers mindset sooner.”

Billy Lister III, Paralympic Road & Track Cyclist

“I have always loved the No Barriers message and have been fortunate to attend many of their events. I know their programs transform lives for the better and this book delivers just as powerfully. Now more than ever, we need books like this one, to remind us that even in the face of tremendous obstacles, we must harness our challenges and unleash the power of the human spirit to unlock our infinite self.”

Kyle Maynard, 2-time ESPY award winner and author of the New York Times bestseller No Excuses

“No Barriers challenges us to believe in a future that does not yet exist. And this book gives us the confidence to know we can get there.”

Dr. Hugh Herr, Time Magazine’s Leader of the Bionic Age, MIT Professor and founder of BionX

This book teaches us to look deep within ourselves to find our strength, resilience and purpose. It shows us how to turn our big challenges into our biggest triumphs. Being a part of No Barriers has changed my life and I know people will be positively impacted by this book.

Mandy Harvey, Award-winning deaf singer, songwriter and motivational speaker. Mandy’s performances on America’s Got Talent have been watched by over 500 million people.

“There are a few moments in my life I will never forget, and my first introduction to No Barriers is definitely one of them. I was at my first No Barrier Summit. I was surrounded by people who were blind, deaf, missing limbs—every sort of classic ‘disability’ you could imagine. Now imagine getting my ass and ego handed to me throughout the weekend while these same people outdid me in every competition and challenge we were presented. I quickly learned—and will never forget—that ‘what is within you is stronger than what is in your way.’ I preach and believe that nothing is impossible. The people of No Barriers and the lessons of this book demonstrate what it means to truly overcome your own impossible, and live a life with No Barriers.

-Mick Ebeling, one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders and founder of Not Impossible Labs

“My work with No Barriers consistently reminds me that our greatest struggles may in fact be our greatest strengths–and give us the ability to create meaningful change in ourselves and the world. This book is a true testament that no matter how dark it may seem, the light of the human spirit conquers all.”

Katie Hnida, author, speaker, first woman to play and score points in an NCAA Football game

This book captures the spirit of hope, possibility and courage that I feel we should all live by. It’s both inspirational and practical, providing powerful tools to help each of us break through the barriers we face. Love it.

Luis Gallardo. Former Global CMO for Deloitte. Founder of the World Happiness Fest

This book is one of the most engaging texts I have ever read – the first pages will pull you in and ultimately empower you to change your life for the better. It is a window into the experiences, thoughts and souls of people who will profoundly inspire you. It speaks to your brain and your heart. It is a magical gift of fuel and direction for life – not a “how to” book. Read it at your peril – your life will likely not be same when you are done.

George Heinrichs, CEO of Ande, Founder of Intrado, Inc.

“This book shows you how to find your passion and purpose and dream the impossible. The No Barrier spirit will remind you that you can’t ever fail if you never stop trying.”

Rich Goodstone, co-founder of Superfly Productions and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

“Gains are hard. We know this. From our relationships with our friends, co-workers, and ourselves, to the gym and how we interact with the ever-changing world, there are many obstacles that slow our growth. What’s Within You offers nerve and soul-stirring tales of perseverance and achievement through myriad challenges, inspiring hope and becoming a springboard to leading a more purposeful and fulfilled journey.”

Mike Harmon, host with FOX Sports Radio and creator of FindYourWins.com

“We must always set goals and dedicate ourselves fully to achieving them. Tom and David remind us in this book that even when we get knocked down, we must bounce back up, ready to tackle our next challenge.”

Rudy Ruettiger, inspiration behind the movie RUDY