Every day, we ask our leaders to dream up the future,
break through adversities and adapt to a dynamic environment. But without a roadmap, most people settle for something far short of their fullest potential. There is a growing chasm between who a leader wants to be and the reality of who they are. The result: 85% of the American workforce is disengaged.

We need a new leadership roadmap for corporate America. We need a way to unleash the fullest potential of our companies’ most important resource: its people.

Climbed Everest. Kayaked the Grand Canyon. Started a global nonprofit. World renowned speaker and author. And… he’s blind. It’s course instructors like Erik Weihenmayer that set our program experiences apart. Our leaders are the unequivocal experts in how to break through adversity by tapping into the power of the human spirit.

Meet our instructors

Develop a vision.
Learners become more closely connected to personal purpose and values.

Select a challenge that is hard.
Learners embrace adversity and use it as a tool for growth. This work is fueled by inspirational stories from everyday heroes.

Tackle the challenge using No Barriers tools.
Learners gain a new mindset, process and skills for navigating adversity with support from a team of peers.

Elevate others.
Through the No Barriers Community, learners find ways to move beyond their personal experience and support the growth of others.

Our Unique Solution

It’s time to redefine the leadership roadmap.

The roadmap to unleashing leadership potential does in fact exist. It’s rooted in 17 years of No Barriers work with tens of thousands of individuals. It’s based on extraordinary everyday heroes who struggle with the basics. People who fail and flail and eventually succeed – only to fall again. It’s supported by the wisdom of ancient philosophers, the modern-day research of our best scientists and the religious insights of the world’s spiritual leaders. And No Barriers Leadership makes it available to you.

No Barriers Leadership takes what your employees already know — that in and around them are barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential — and helps them shape profound advantage and deep meaning for themselves, their teams and your business.

By combining astonishing experts with our transformative curriculum, we immerse your employees in the power of experiential learning and the influence of a compelling leadership journey. As a result, your employees are transformed into leaders knowing that “what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.”

Today’s employees crave authenticity and purpose. That’s where we come in.

Purpose. Purpose. Purpose.
We’ve been changing the lives of kids, veterans, adults and corporate leaders for over 20 years. We can do the same for your team.

Barrier busting is our specialty.
Our proven educational philosophy will teach your leaders to look at challenges as opportunities and unlock your fullest potential.

Every course matters.
Our offerings create moments of insight, pride and connection that can lead to profound learning.

Astonishing, world-famous guides.
Learn from non-traditional experts who have failed and succeeded at extraordinary levels. These superstars move and inspire us.

We are scalable.
85% of companies know they need to deliver leadership at scale but only 5% do it. We tailor our solutions, combining online and in-person tools to reach your entire company.

No bull transformation.
Our team has experience providing authentic, life-changing experiences, tools, and inspiration to leaders from all walks of life.

Our corporate leadership philosophy grew out of the vision of No Barriers USA, and they remain our vital partner in helping us deliver content and community. No Barriers began with a mission to “fully unleash the potential of the human spirit,” and they do this by providing experiences for youth, veterans, those with disabilities and anyone willing to adopt the No Barriers mindset.

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