Now, more than ever, our leadership teams need to believe that

what’s within us is stronger than what’s in our way.

At No Barriers we teach leaders and their teams to…

  • Create a mindset of hope and optimism despite an uncertain future
  • See adversity as the fuel to innovate and become stronger
  • Support each other as they balance unpredictability in work and home life
  • Connect authentically with one another through shared vulnerability
  • Elevate everyone around them to tap into their fullest potential

The End Result

  • 97% increase in self-reported ability to focus on solutions rather than problems
  • 89% increase in participants who have a clearer sense of vision and purpose despite the challenges in their way
  • 83% growth in participants who believe they have the ability to break through the challenges in front of them
  • 47% growth in participants who see the team as the critical resource for breaking through challenges together
Two female leaders with mountaineering hats smiling into the camera

Climbed Everest. Kayaked the Grand Canyon. Started a global nonprofit. World renowned speaker and author. And… he’s blind. It’s course instructors like Erik Weihenmayer that set our program experiences apart. Our leaders are the unequivocal experts in how to break through adversity by tapping into the power of the human spirit.


Develop a vision.
Clarify your vision and use it as the fuel to get you through your hardest times

Build an incredible Rope Team.
Be vulnerable with others as you collaborate and connect

Lead through adversity with a sense of possibility.
Cultivate a mindset of hope and optimism in the midst of adversity

Pioneer through challenges.
Have a fearless belief in a future that does not yet exist and innovate to get there

Get comfortable outside your comfort zone.
Gain skills to be comfortable with the uncertainties as you stretch for difficult goals

Honor the journey.
Pause to reflect upon and celebrate your successes and failures

Elevate others.
Serve others and the world through your leadership.


A Living Laboratory for Resilience

Over the past 20 years, our nonprofit organization has been a rigorous test kitchen to see in real-time what ingredients work best to help people overcome challenges and unleash potential. Millions of people have passed through the doors of that kitchen. Year over year, we sat with participants and engaged with their struggles. We listened to them in their lowest moments, when they felt the most lost or overwhelmed by obstacles; and we worked with them to refine strategies and tools that wouldn’t just get them through that moment, but to actually catapult them to their next level of performance and fulfillment.  

A Proven Recipe

The result of that laboratory is a proven recipe for building resilience – one based on a combination of fostering the right mindset, developing skills and learning into teammates.  As an added bonus, our leaders walk away from their experiences with a profound vision for themselves and their teams that becomes the mantra that leads them through the best and worst of times.  Our 15 years of research shows statistically significant growth across every resiliency measure that we track on with 9/10 participants saying they would actively recommend our program to other leaders.  

Diverse, Atypical Leaders Who Exemplify Resilience

Imagine being able to get into the mindset of an individual who, when faced with life-altering adversity, makes a conscious decision to shatter expectations and accomplish the extraordinary.  The individuals who teach our content are some of the most remarkable human beings on the planet. And, we intentionally assembled an instructor cohort that reflects the diverse fabric of society.

Not Your Standard Experience

Our organization is rooted in a belief in the power of transformative moments.  With distraction at an all time high, we have to capture the hearts, minds and spirits of individuals in order to make them engage.  We created a meaningful experience that accomplishes all of this.

Today’s employees need help learning resiliency skills and mindset.  That’s where we come in.

Infused with purpose.
We’ve been changing the lives of kids, veterans, adults and corporate leaders for over 20 years. We can do the same for your team.

Barrier busting is our specialty.
Our proven educational philosophy will teach your leaders to look at challenges as opportunities and unlock your fullest potential.

Every course matters.
Our offerings create moments of insight, pride and connection that can lead to profound learning.

Astonishing, world-famous guides.
Learn from non-traditional experts who have failed and succeeded at extraordinary levels. These superstars move and inspire us.

We are scalable.
85% of companies know they need to deliver leadership at scale but only 5% do it. We tailor our solutions, combining online and in-person tools to reach your entire company.

No bull transformation.
Our team has experience providing authentic, life-changing experiences, tools, and inspiration to leaders from all walks of life.

The mission of our nonprofit organization is to build a global community of people united by the our belief in our ability to break through barriers and lead with purpose.  We work with educators, youth, veterans, people with disabilities, caregivers and more.  To learn more about our work with other populations, visit our website at

Ready to transform yourself and your company?