The new leadership roadmap for corporate America requires us to deliver a comprehensive and consistent leadership solution across all employees.
Companies that deliver leadership solutions at scale are 6x more successful than those that do not. While 85% of companies know this, only 5% are actually doing it.

Here’s your chance to shift that paradigm.
Through our suite of offerings, we co-create a unique, scalable solution to unleash the full potential of your employees. Each company solution is different but includes a combination of the following tools and resources. Don’t read this as an a la carte menu – that’s the old way of thinking. Think of these solutions as a masterfully crafted package that will be deployed across your company. Read about one company’s comprehensive approach here.

Real-World Challenges

No matter how great a course is, most of us forget what we’ve learned within days to weeks of learning it. But we don’t need to accept this trend. Hundreds of studies in cognitive and educational psychology demonstrate spacing out repeated encounters with material over time produces superior long-term learning. As part of your company’s comprehensive solution, we co-create virtual, short-term challenges where employees apply the lessons they’ve learned to your unique business context. These challenges evolve and grow alongside the employee’s growth and development.

Field Experiences

Individuals or teams of employees can join our Base Camps for 2 ½ days of courageous inspiration, outdoor adventure, creative visioning, problem solving, and guided exploration of self and work. Experience a new peace of mind as you embrace barriers with the support of experienced facilitators steeped in the art of leading. Return to work with the energy and mindset to create meaning and purpose as you lead your team beyond barriers and discover that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. Offered for individuals and teams.

Online Learning

If the phrase “online learning” makes you cringe, we’re here to change your mind. Unlike other online learning courses, our interactive, inspirational, and gamified solutions take place both online and offline. It includes team-based activities directly applied to your unique business context. It’s a virtual learning experience like no other!

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Taught by a unique team of inspirational leaders, this 10-hour course exudes authenticity and purpose. In so doing, it empowers your teams to open up in unique ways that lead to significant growth and development. Learners develop a Vision that ties to their core values. They define a professional challenge they’re willing to tackle. They gain a new mindset for embracing adversity and turning it into a tool for growth. And, they move beyond their own personal growth to support the development of others.


No Barriers onsite workshops bring our transformative experiences to your meeting spaces and conference rooms. Whether it’s a small group of 10-20 leaders or a large team of hundreds, our talented facilitators, speakers and performers bring the No Barriers concepts to life in fun and interactive ways. Whether you’re hosting a big sales conference or you want a targeted team to home in on their ability to pioneer through adversity, we work with each client to create customized solutions to meet your needs. Pair an onsite workshop with the launch of our virtual learning experience to create a powerful kickoff event for your No Barriers initiatives!


Bring your employees to our annual No Barriers conference where they’ll meet thousands of leaders, change-makers and aspiring visionaries from all walks of life. The event combines the top notch talent of a TED conference with the energy of a rock concert. And it challenges leaders to try one thing they’ve never done before, from broadway improv to shadow boxing. A different approach? You bet. But leaders say it’s one of the things they most look forward to every year. Join us in Lake Tahoe at the Resort at Squaw Creek June 2019.


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