Experience the same leadership training that Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, and Philips have tried, tested and successfully applied.

No Barriers has worked with companies both large and small to help their leaders step up and conquer their own obstacles – an attribute that consistently places them among the world’s most prestigious organizations.

Now, after many years of testing and tweaking these processes, it’s your turn to do the same.

Start shattering the barriers in your way!
Whether you’re an individual, a team or a company, we offer a combination of the following tools and resources. Not sure where to start?  Try our online course!  Or, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive team solution, read about one company’s approach here.

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At-Home Team Learning

If the phrase “online learning” makes you cringe, we’re here to change your mind. Unlike other online learning courses, our interactive, inspirational, and gamified solutions take place both online and offline. They include team-based activities directly applied to your unique business context. It’s a virtual learning experience like no other!

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Here is what you can expect out of our introductory team and/or individual leader experience:
  • 10 Total Hours of Course Content over 30 Days: Combining synchronous and asynchronous learning, the 30 day course includes four live events along with seven hours of activities and content on our learning platform. Though content is delivered online, activities draw people offline to do the lion’s share of the work.
  • Team Interaction: Teams share progress, ideas and challenges through discussion groups and activities as they progress through the experience.
  • Professionally Facilitated: Best-in-class facilitators and instructors personalize the experience, foster dialogue and deepen individual and team learning.
  • Physical Course Kit: Tired of being online? So are we. Though we deliver much of our content in a dynamic virtual world, this course is also accompanied by a physical kit that brings the course physically to life for you wherever you live.
  • Customized to Your Business Challenges: Offered as an out-of-the-box experience or easily and quickly customized to themes that your team needs to address.
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Real-World Challenges

No matter how great a course is, most of us forget what we’ve learned within days to weeks of learning it. But we don’t need to accept this trend. Hundreds of studies in cognitive and educational psychology demonstrate spacing out repeated encounters with material over time produces superior long-term learning. As part of your company’s comprehensive solution, we co-create virtual, short-term challenges where employees apply the lessons they’ve learned to your unique business context. These challenges evolve and grow alongside the employee’s growth and development.

Field Experiences

Individuals or teams of employees can join our Base Camps for 2 ½ days of courageous inspiration, outdoor adventure, creative visioning, problem solving, and guided exploration of self and work. Experience a new peace of mind as you embrace barriers with the support of experienced facilitators steeped in the art of leading. Return to work with the energy and mindset to create meaning and purpose as you lead your team beyond barriers and discover that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. Offered for individuals and teams in diverse locations around the world.


No Barriers onsite workshops bring our transformative experiences to your meeting spaces and conference rooms. Whether it’s a small group of 10-20 leaders or a large team of hundreds, our talented facilitators, speakers and performers bring the No Barriers concepts to life in fun and interactive ways. Whether you’re hosting a big sales conference or you want a targeted team to home in on their ability to pioneer through adversity, we work with each client to create customized solutions to meet your needs. Pair an onsite workshop with the launch of our virtual learning experience to create a powerful kickoff event for your No Barriers initiatives!

Global Summits

Our signature global event, the No Barriers Summit, has millions of global participants from 45+ countries and 80+ cities. Conducted both in-person and virtually, attendees learn to be resilient, hopeful and optimistic in the face of adversity. With a week of access to No Barriers content, empowering activities, inspiring speakers, moving performances and community connections, the No Barriers Virtual Summit guides participants towards success, showing them how to tackle obstacles with tenacity and confidence.


Deepen the leadership lessons learned from our at-home or in-person experiences with 1:1 and/or team coaching. Our certified coaches can help your leaders with ongoing learning and development so that they can start applying the principles in our courses to their real business situations.

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The No Barriers Community Membership is not just a hub of information, we’re like a family. Get IMMEDIATE access to our library of courses and a front-row seat to life-changing virtual events led by some of the world’s most extraordinary people, designed especially to help you break down your barriers and live with confidence, passion and authenticity. Plus, share common challenges and opportunities with like-minded professionals. This is an experience accessible anywhere, anytime with both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.


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